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Tips on use of CD-Writer
01 Secure all connectors well. Resecure if CD-Writer is moved.
02 Change the printer output at setup to EPP or ECP.
03 Scandisk all harddisks to detect any lost clusters. Delete them and empty recycle bin.
04 Defrag all harddisks.
05 Burn in a CD on fresh bootup. Reboot if another CD is to be burnt in. This will remove debris in the RAM which could and usually cause obstruction.
06 Delete all files in c:\windows\temp. Temp files created by the CD-Writer cannot go there if there is rubbish there. Leave enough disk space for the temp file, like 2gb. It's easier to play around with plenty of space.
07 After a failed burning, owing to hanging or loops or perpetual searching for data or otherwise, repeat steps 03 and 04.
08 Place all files and sub-directories to be burnt in in the same directory.
09 Use new blank CD from the pack just unwrapped. 
10 Inspect for dust and other foreign matters on the recording side. Light has not learnt how to go through them.
11 Use blank CD immediately before dust falls on it.
12 Do not do other things with the computer once the burning starts, including not kicking the computer, accidental or deliberate. The CD-Writer needs full CPU power and works best when left alone.
13 Increasing RAM and using faster and larger capacity harddisk helps.
14 Be prepared to create Frisbees before a successful attempt.
(Frisbees=spoilt copies for throwing game at the beach owing to non-compliance of above-stated tips)
No one can guarantee that the only blank CD you've bought will be burnt in successfully.
Take the tips seriously from one who has a collection of Frisbees.
15 Test CD-Writer on the first few copies.